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Oh Baby! FItness Profile in Forbes Magazine

"Schexnyder and her partner, Kathleen Donahoe, are set to expand to the next phase of their business this summer, launching a new, more robust website to support licensees; and they expect to have Oh Baby! Fitness pre- and post-natal fitness classes available to women in all 50 states by year’s end. “The truth is it wouldn’t have worked if we weren’t willing to step out of the box (lots of people can’t do that), and if we weren’t willing to reach out and find the best people and ask them questions. You ask, you do, and then come back and do it all again until you get what you need to make it work.” "


Kathleen Interviewed in Readers Digest

"Motherhood is physically hard!" says Kathleen Donahoe, co-owner and COO of Oh Baby! Fitness in Seattle, Washington. "Babies require so much bending over and leaning over and contortions and I think that only increases as they grow older!" She adds that dads can benefit from staying active too. "My husband, an Ironman triathlete, actually threw out his back while changing my son's diaper on the day he was born! Parenting is more physical than people realize!" In addition, Donahoe says the mental benefits are just as important since she feels like a more patient mom after a good workout.


Kathleen on Georgia Public Broadcasting

"Women-owned businesses are up 112 percent in Georgia.
It finds that for the third year in a row Georgia leads the nation in the growth of women-owned businesses. Since 1997, women-owned businesses have grown only 59% nationally.
GPB's Ellen Reinhardt talks with Clare Schexnyder and Kathleen Donahoe,  co-owners of Oh Baby! Fitness."

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